Every Sunrise Leads to a Sunset in Serbia

Beginning its flow in Germany, the Danube runs through ten countries before reaching the Black Sea. Around the halfway point is the former Yugoslavian territory of Serbia, with the river providing the centrepiece for the capital city, Belgrade.

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Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

Really, who wouldn’t want to see the Northern Lights? There’s such a magical and ethereal quality to them that can’t be described, which I suppose has been a big factor in why I’ve always wanted to experience them.

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Exploring Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor


If you read last week’s post on the town, I think we’ve firmly established by now that Kotor is more stunning and captivating than words could do justice. Traditional Mediterranean architecture is juxtaposed with the striking mountains above, with spectacular views everywhere you look. But the Bay of Kotor is much more than just Kotor and its Old Town.

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Basel: A Swiss fairytale set on the Rhine


When you think of Swiss cities, Zurich, Geneva and Bern probably spring immediately to mind. You’d be forgiven for neglecting to think of Basel, but you’d be missing out. Situated on Switzerland’s north western tip, Basel borders the French town of Saint Louis and the German town Lorrach. The cities tram system will indeed take you to both France and Germany, whilst Basel City Airport is actually located in France.

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